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How to roll up the most perfect Joint

Many individuals in the rolling community don't know the difference between a well tight packed spliff, or one that is loose and ready to fall apart. The real science behind having the perfect smoke comes from knowing how to roll a joint. You would be surprised if you knew exactly how many people this simple gesture alluded. The fact of the matter is this, all grass is not the same grass when puffed. Grass that is smoked from a compact blunt is far more potent and able to hit your lungs and get you high in a faster amount of time. Many think the quality of the smoke comes from how chronic or dank the weed is, but that is not the case as we have just outlined.

To stop all confusion before it even starts, i'm not saying the marijuana in and of itself is the primary substance that makes the perfectly rolled joint stronger or danker. No an argument like that would be out of left field. What I am saying though, is that it does have a great impact on your 420 time if what you rolled up with your papers is nice and smug. Marry Jane smoking is an art form, and so as such must be treated as one in every and all instances. Ok, we get it, maybe not ALL instances, like say when you have to grab a quick toke before you go into work, or when time is being rushed.

The next agenda I have with a select few in the puffing community is about the different strands of weed. Many want to know what tastes the best, which will get you stoned faster, and what is the cheapest. An answer like this is hard to explain because of the many options, but one thing is for sure, legal bud that you can buy online tops all categories consistently. It's sticky, potent, cheap, and will get you high as a kite when you puff it. Just remember that it's better to roll a massive joint with it and smoke it that way rather than to use a bong or pipe to take hits from. If you follow these steps your 4:20 time will be enjoyable and you will get ripped beyond means.